Advancements in technology have forever displaced the traditional business models established and relished by enduring entertainment & media brands. But it's easy to misunderstand the uncertainty of today’s media landscape as a battle among new and old, traditional media and its disruptors. Increasingly, the future of media seems to be a collaborative venture between existing entertainment franchises and new innovators in the space. Last spring, Twitter bought the rights to stream NFL games on its service. After signing to Universal Records, Shawn Mendes (Vine Star) scored his second #1 album. Moments before taking the stage for the second presidential debate, Donald Trump used Facebook Live to broadcast a press conference. The media & entertainment landscape isn’t divided between new & old worlds - it's rather sitting squarely between them. By showcasing a series of leaders at the front lines of today’s entertainment world, our conference will seek to push the boundaries of the implications for this collaborative new industry and the opportunities that await those who seek greater involvement.